2nd Attempt Mt. Everest Summit 2017

With each step, the magesty of the landscape is spell-binding. The joy and candor of the people is infectious. Yet the challenges and risks are ever-present, and my ambitions at best niaive, audacious and perhaps impossible. I reach Everest Base Camp with all my senses at maximum capasity and I feel confident in my purpose. My ego, superego and id, have some on-site recalibrating to do, but here on the Khumbu Glacier, I have found a state of flow and calm amid tensions. Sleeping for the first time on a glacier, I experience an infinite connection and deep perceptional entwine with the body of water protecting the mountain. As the glacier respires and moves gentle beneath me, I feel safe and welcomed. From deep within, I start a personal dialogue with the mountain, and she replies. I wake burried in snow and heavenly light.

Sarah Pell at Everest Base Camp. Photo Nim Dorjee Sarah Jane Pell selfie at Everest Base Camp 2015

The 2015 Bending Horizons Everest Summit Expedition was aborted due to the Gorkha earthquakes and waves of after-shocks that shook the region. The destruction and trauma was mind-blowing. By fate rather than design, I escaped the carnage on Everest and Thamel when 8800 others were not so lucky. The infrastructure across the region shut down, and the climbing season suspended. I did what I could, then left the country prematurely with survivors guilt, and a gaping hole in my heart. I plan to return in 2017 better prepared to support the Nepelese people, my mission and ultimate goal to use extreme performance art to expand human awareness and connection across time-space.